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Fatigue pad

Fatigue pad

Fatigue pad

Fatigue pad

Fatigue pad

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Our company treat quality as the most important
Such as memory foamm,CR.SBR(NEOPRENE),PE,EVA,PVC,NBR,EPDM.Products are in the character of precaution, waterproof, soft,thermal insulation, preventing earthquakes,sound-absorbing. sealed and fire-retardant etc.
We have the capacity of 3 million mats annually
our main products are memory foam,regular PU foam, and foam made products .

Anti fatigue mat

Foam Series

Memory sponge series

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Rubber Foam

SBR Series

Strength display

Our company treat quality as the most important
we fully implement the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification and insist on researching & developing new products to meet the needs of the market.



Pursuit of perfection, Continuous improvement

Incoming inspection pass rate of more than 95% / month
Process qualification rate of more than 97% / month
Finished product inspection pass rate of more than 98% / month
Customer delivery rate reached 100%/ months
Customer complaints are less than 3 times per year
Customer satisfaction survey average of 98 points / year


Material production to shipping, have to undergo rigorous testing to ensure that products with reliable quality.

State of the art machinery and equipment and clean production environment is the product quality assurance indispensable Factors, Kaifeng every year invested heavily in equipment and production environment transformation and Upgrade in order to guarantee to provide customers with better quality products.

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10 minutes to let you know what the temperature memory pillow?
A kind of cervical vertebra health care pillow made by the United States and the United States by the development of an open temperature sensing pressure reducing material.
Teach you how to buy memory pillow products
We first look at the memory of the most important pillow material, mainly to see the pillow, pillow appearance is just the appearance, the key is the performance and practical.
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